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Art by Pat Goltz

Prints are available in many different sizes on archival photo paper in glossy, matte, and lustre finishes, and as giclées on archival watercolor paper or canvas (suitable for businesses and museums). For wholesale prices for resale purposes, please contact Pat Goltz.

Backgrounds for your website available on commission. Contact Pat Goltz. Samples of existing bordered backgrounds are available for viewing here: Samples. In addition, I can design layered backgrounds.

Apparel (T-shirts, sweatshirts) with prints of my art is available here: Printfection

Some prints are also available here: Art Wanted

Photographs available are primarily from Arizona, with some from other locations within the United States or from northern Mexico. Photographs are also available of animals, flowers and insects.

Photography prints

Digital landscapes are made in the program known as Terragen. Both very realistic landscapes and fantasy landscapes are possible. Realistic landscapes may be derived from a digital elevation map which is converted to a terrain which Terragen can read.

Digital landscape art prints

Browse for additional prints of photos, digital landscapes, abstracts, and fractal images from deviantART.