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Products and Services


The following products and services are currently available.

Photography prints

Digital art prints

Web design available. Standard rate for Pat Goltz: $35 an hour, for John Goltz: by arrangement. Other terms, including barter, negotiable. Discounts for charities and causes I, Pat Goltz, believe in; I will not work for those I disagree with. Contact Pat on the Contacts page.

Available for commissions in photography and digital art. Contact Pat Goltz on the Contact page for further information.

Maribeth maintains an inventory of arts and crafts, including custom turquoise jewelry, ceramics, artwork, photography and imports. For more information, contact her on the Contact page.

Please check back for more recent additions.

Web sets for your web site designed on commission. Contact Pat.

Pat is available as a guide for herb and nature walks in southern Arizona.

Public Domain software: XOS operating system. Available from openxos.org. Custom work under XOS (and Windows) available. John is an experienced small businessman, and is always looking to start a new business.

Browse for prints of photos, digital landscapes, abstracts, and fractal images:
from deviantART

Apparel (T-shirts, sweatshirts) with prints of my art is available here: Printfection

Some prints are also available here: Art Wanted